Wallie Askew Memorial Workskills Regional Competitions: Start date March 2017

It is that time of year when the Regional Wallie Askew competitions take place around the country. This is a great opportunity for apprentices in their third or fourth year who have completed their Block Course or a recently completed apprentice to find out how their skills stack up against other apprentices in New Zealand.

The top eight apprentices from the regions have an all expenses paid trip to the Final Competitions which next year will be held during the IRHACE Annual Conference in Auckland.  Every year the participants are blown away by the generous prizes on offer at the Finals.  Many companies give generously, seeing the competition as a great way to support young people in the industry.  Attending the IRHACE Conference is an interesting experience for the apprentices because it introduces them to the wider industry and allows them to benchmark their capability with the best across the country.

The competitions consist of three parts; fault finding, a practical exercise and a general knowledge test.  Those who do well are very likely the future leaders of the industry, and participation looks excellent on the CV.

Despite the generous prizes it is always difficult getting people to participate.  If you have a promising apprentice please encourage them to take part.  Success in the Wallie Askew Competitions is good for your company too, as it shows off the quality of your training and your commitment to excellence in the industry. 

If you want to know more, please contact Angela at the IRHACE Office on 090 273 0044 or angela@rlnz.org.nz