Want a career in the HVAC&R industry?

There are no specific requirements to become a refrigeration/air-conditioning technician as you gain skills on the job. However, many employers prefer to hire refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians who have or are working towards a qualification.

No specific secondary education is required for this job, but maths, physics, digital technologies, construction and mechanical technologies, processing technologies and English to at least NCEA Level 2 are useful.

To become a fully qualified refrigeration/air-conditioning technician you need to complete an apprenticeship and gain a New Zealand Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Trade (Level 4).  Most refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians also need a driver's license.

See careers.govt.nz

Photo: 2022 apprentices at the Wallie Askew Memorial Workskills Competition in Palmerston North

Refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians need to be:

- able to work accurately with their hands

- good problem solvers and making calculations

- able to follow health and safety guidelines

- comfortable working in enclosed spaces and at heights

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