Current Standard Committees and their IRHACE member representatives.

As part of IRHACE's committment to promoting and advancing the HVAC&R industry we are pleased to have the support of the following IRHACE members who volunteer their time to represent IRHACE on these standard committees.

These committees consist of industry experts that work together with wide spread industry consultation and public input.

Sector Advisory Group (SAG)

Cam Crawford (Chair) M.IRHACE, Dave Nicholls M.IRHACE

Standards Committee High Temperature Heat Pumps

Mike Odey F.IRHACE

Engineering Associates Registration Board

Glynn Cowley F.IRHACE

Workshop for Design, Installation and Performance of non-structural elements Management Committee ME062 and ME001

Robert Mannes M.IRHACE

Standards Committee ME062 and ME001

Robert Mannes M.IRHACE

Member of BETRAC Technical Forum for MBIE

Robert Mannes M.IRHACE