The directors of Refrigerant Recovery NZ Ltd (RRNZ) are the corporate trustee of the Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants (Recovery).

The Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants is a charitable trust that was settled by the Institute of Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand Inc (IRHACE). Refrigerant Recovery NZ Ltd (RRNZ) was incorporated with the sole role of being the corporate trustee of the Trust. The issued share capital of Refrigerant Recovery NZ Ltd is held by IRHACE.

Refrigerant Recovery Operating Company NZ Ltd (RRO) was incorporated to operate the business/own the assets associated with the recovery activities. The issued share capital of Refrigerant Recovery Operating Company NZ Ltd (RRO) is held by IRHACE.

The Directors of RNZ are the governance entity and they focus on providing:

·       - Improving performance of the entities.

·       - A defined vision for the future of the entities.

·       - Ensure there is accountability and oversight of operations.

·       - Manage risk and compliance.

·       - Clear communication with RRO and shareholders to maintain good relationships.



President of IRHACE 2021-2023

IRHACE Councilor from 2016

M.IRHACE since 1999 

Qualified Refrigeration Engineer

New Zealand Sales Manager of Danfoss



Chair of CCCANZ from 2019

Company director of Absolute Air conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd since 1989

Previous President of Rotary 2014-2015

Qualified Refrigeration Engineer

M.IRHACE since 2022



Owner at Refrigeration Specialties (RefSpecs)

Previous Chair of CCCANZ

President’s Meritorious Service Award

M.IRHACE since 2009



40-years experience in the HVAC&R industry

Trade qualified – refrigeration apprenticeship

Previous Chair of RLNZ

Previous Chair of IRHACE

F.IRHACE since 2015

M.IRHACE since 1985 (36 years)

30-year service membership in 2015

President’s Meritorious Service Award in 2018

Board member on Engineering Associates Registration Board, 2019/2020

Previous representative on IIR NZ National Council

Founded Cowley Refrigeration Ltd, Managing Director until 2010


Affiliate Member IRHACE

Deputy Chair of CCCANZ

Managing Director of Degree Air Conditioning & Electrical

Gold Verifier for RLNZ Approved Filler A1 and A2 Courses


Managing Director of Apex Air Conditioning Ltd

M.IRHACE since 2013

Member of CCCANZ since 2015

Previous President of IRHACE 2019-2021

Speaks three languages – English : Gujarati : Hindi

Energy Master: Continuous Commissioning, 2017

Certified Measuring & Verification Professional, 2015

Green Star Accredited Professional, NZGBC, 2016

Member of Engineering NZ, 2016

Registered Engineer, Producer statement Author, Auckland Council, 2012

IQP, Auckland Council, Southland Council, Waikato Council

Winner of the Air-con and Ventilation design for the Auckland Waterfront Waka