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New applications incur a one off $35 application fee*.


There are a number of categories of membership for IRHACE.

Please read the details below for:

Student Member: Any person who is studying or working in New Zealand for qualification in the industry under a training prescription approved by the council. Student membership is for the duration of an individual’s training, up to a maximum of 5 years.
Member By Qualification: A member may be qualified by having attained education equivalent to a NZQA level 4 or higher qualification relevant to the industry, as well as being currently employed in the industry.

Member by Experience: A member may be deemed qualified to join by experience by having one or more of the following:

  • Ten years’ experience working in the industry with a minimum of 5 years in a position of responsibility verified by employers or peers and proposed by a current member, or
  • Any financial member as at the date of approval of these Rules shall be eligible for membership by experience,
  • And be currently employed in the industry.

Fellow Member: Any person who has held the grade of member for a minimum of ten years and is actively employed in the industry, may be eligible for re-grading to the status of Fellow providing that the Council is satisfied he/she hold, or has held, a position of responsibility and has achieved eminence in the industry.  The Council may also re-grade a member who has performed outstanding service in the advancement of the Society who has less than ten years membership and whom the Council therefore desires to honour.

Retired Member: Any member or Fellow who is no longer actively employed in the industry and wishing to remain in the Society may apply to the Council for re-categorising by the Council as a Retired member. Retired members shall retain voting rights and at council discretion, a subsidised subscription may apply as determined from time to time by the Council.

Associate Member: An associate is a person not eligible for Member grade but has commenced training in refrigeration, heating, and air-conditioning or has other qualifications applicable to engineering.

Affiliate Member: An affiliate can be an individual, consultant, master franchisor / franchisor or person whose business activities influence or impact on our industry and who is supportive of that industry, but who would not otherwise qualify for membership as a Member or Associate.

Life Member: At its sole discretion the Council may confer Life membership on a member who has completed not less than 20 years as a subscribing member of the Society and who in the opinion of the Council has made an outstanding contribution to the Society. Life members shall be exempt from further subscription payments and shall have all the rights and privileges of a financial member.


Member Category - Annual Fee*

Student Member - None
Member by qualification - $282
Member by experience - $282
Fellow Member - $282
Associate Member - $282
Affiliate Member - $282
Retired/Retired Fellow Member - $86
Life Member - None

*New applications incur a one off $35 application fee.

Why become a member of IRHACE?

There are four key reasons why you should join IRHACE:

Advancement; meet and get to know others involved in the industry who can assist your career progression,
Information; gain access to knowledge, and information to build your industry skills
Influence; been known by those who implement the laws and regulations that govern our industry.
Belonging; being part of an organisation that sets you apart from others, and gives back to the industry

Member Benefits:
Annual subscription to the IRHACE Journal, which contains technical papers, new technology, and industry news,* Regular electronic member updates,
Access to member events such as trade nights, technical tours, and social events
Discounts to events such as the annual HVAC&R Conference and training courses
Access to free technical publications such as the Hygiene Guide,
Use of the IIR Freedoc database for members.
Access to ASHRAE publications at ASHRAE member prices. Use this form.

Strategic Relationships to other organisations including:

International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR)
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH)
Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ)
Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ)
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
Engineering Associates Registration Board (EARB)

Having a voice with government,
Being involved in various committees representing the industry, from development of qualifications to standards development
Discount card for members.

*Note: Student Membership includes online access to the IRHACE Journal only.