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IRHACE celebrates the hard work and success of individual members through its awards. There are several categories of awards including nominated awards, honours, and milestones.



James Stuart McAlpine Award. Tribute to James McAlpine for his contribution to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in New Zealand. He founded the firm McAlpine Refrigeration in 1934 and was chairman of directors until his death in 1961. It was largely through his past efforts that the industry progressed to where it is today. This award was created in 1989 and first awarded in 1996 not necessarily awarded each year. Criteria

President's Meritorious Award. Exemplary and deserving of recognition. This award is to recognise the effort and time put in by members and non-members to the Institute. First time this award was presented was in 1991 and is not necessarily awarded each year. Criteria 

Past President's Award. Services during President term. Presented to a Past President who served the Institute during their term in the manner exemplary and deserving of recognition. Criteria

HVAC&R Volunteer Award. Providing support to the Institute. This award encompasses all volunteers across the Institute who have most constructively and consistently provided support and service and to recognise their time and efforts. Criteria

HVAC&R Article Award. Author of an original article in IRHACE Journal. Originally named the Keith McMillan Journal Editors Award in 1992 it was first presented in 1991. The name changed again to the NZHEVAC Award for best original input in 2008 and now to HVAC&R Article Award in 2022. Criteria


Life Membership Award. Outstanding contribution to the Institute. Life membership was originally called Honorary member from 1951 and changed sometime in 1967 to be named Life Membership. The Great Merger of NZIRACE and NZIHVE occured in 1989 and from that point life members have been numbered to recognise the value of this honour. This award is for members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Institute with over 20 years of service and criteria decided by the IRHACE Council.


Fellow Member F.IRHACE. Outstanding service in the advancement of the Society or eminence in the industry. The IRHACE Council may re-grade a member from M.IRHACE to F.IRHACE based on eminence in the industry for this recognition and have held the grade of M.IRHACE for a continual period of not less than 10 years. Outstanding service in the advancement of the Society may be made to a M.IRHACE for under 10 years for an achievement deemed eligible by the IRHACE Council.

Member re-grading. Annual process of re-grading. Each year on the anniversary of their start date (or at another date the Council deems appropriate) an Associate or Affiliate Member may elect to be considered for re-grading to Member category.

Member Milestones. Service award. Members are recognised on the anniversary of their start date for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 years of service. Milestones are recognised in the IRHACE Journal.