New applications incur a one off $35 application fee*.


IRHACE Members will possess and demonstrate:

1. Honesty, integrity, fairness, courtesy and competence

2. Support the promotion of a sustainable industry in terms of knowledge, resources and skills

3. Knowledgeable and responsible about our world's resources including: Energy, natural resources, green-house effect, refrigerant recovery and recycling

IRHACE Members will:

1. Be actively involved in the development and  promotion of our industry

2. Be committed to public health, safety and welfare.

3. Agree to act carefully and competently in carrying out our business, encouraging members to use and develop up to date knowledge and skills.

4. Not behave in a manner that brings the reputation & status of the association into disrepute.


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New applications incur a one off $35 application fee*.

*This does not apply to membership reinstatements or student memberships.

Student Member | Grade: SIRHACE | FREE

Any person who is studying or working in New Zealand for qualification in the industry under a training prescription approved by the council for the duration of their training up to a maximum of 5 years. The application fee and pro rata rates do not apply to student memberships.

Student Membership includes online access to the IRHACE Journal only. The hard copy of the IRHACE Journalmay be subscribed to separately (pro rata will apply).

Associate Member | Grade: AIRHACE | $282 per year
An associate is not eligible to be a member. To become an associate the applicant must: have less than ten years industry experience required for experienced membership, and be currently employed in the industry, and meet our associate criteria as set by the Council.
Member By Qualification | Grade: MIRHACE | $282 per year
A member may be qualified by having attained: Education equivalent to a NZQA level 4 or higher qualification relevant to the industry and currently employed in the industry. The applicant must also meet our membership criteria as set by the Council.
Member by Experience | Grade: MIRHACE | $282 per year
A member may be deemed qualified to join by experience by having one or more of the following: Ten years’ experience working in the industry verified by employers or peers and proposed by a current member, or any financial member as at the date of approval of these Rules shall be eligible for membership by experience and currently employed in the industry. The applicant must also meet our membership criteria as set by the Council
Fellow Member | Grade: FIRHACE | $282 per year

Any person who has held the grade of member for a minimum of ten years and is actively employed in the industry will be eligible for re grading to the status of Fellow providing that:
(a) The candidate has a degree (L7) in at least one of the following disciplines, Engineering, Technology, or a related Science; and 10 years experience in the industry and has achieved eminence in the industry or,
(b) The candidate has:
- 15 years experience in the industry
- Satisfies Council they hold, or have held, a position of responsibility, And has achieved eminence in the industry, or

(c)  The Institute may regrade a member who has performed outstanding service in the advancement of the Institute and whom the Institute therefore desires to honour.

Council approval shall be obtained for nominees for the title Of Fellow, and the award presented at the Annual General Meetingor any venue approved by council.

Fellow Member Nomination Form

Retired Member | Grade: RMIRHACE or RFMIRHACE | $86 per year for existing members

Any Member or Fellow Member who is no longer actively employed in the industry and wishing to remain in the Society may apply to Council for re-categorisation as a Retired Member. Retired Members shall retain voting rights and member benefits.

Please notify the Council by emailing and the IRHACE Centre will process your re-categorisation on your behalf.
Life Member | Grade: LMIRHACE

At its sole discretion Council may confer Life Membership on a member who has completed a minimum of 20 years as a subscribing member of the Institute and who in the opinion of Council has made an outstanding contribution to the organisation. Life Members shall be exempt from further subscription payments but shall have all the rights and privileges of a financial member.

Life Member Nomination Form

All memberships are subject to the IRHACE Membership criteria

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